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The Brief

As they entered the market, Open Financial Services needed a strong and memorable brand identity to appeal to an increasingly youthful and knowledgeable audience.

Our brief was to create a friendly, approachable identity that would set Open apart from it's competitors in a crowded marketplace.

Open photography

Brand Design

The primary brandmark was designed to reflect these qualities and differentiate Open from it's competitors as a more youthful, friendly, and modern provider of financial services.

As Open's main point of contact with their young target demographic is their website, Open.ie, it was decided that a secondary brandmark was required to highlight their URL. The adapatable nature of the primary brandmark made this a simple task, and built a good foundation for a strong, memorable brand identity.

Open Financial Services logo

Open.ie logo

Web Design

The brand was firstly implemented online through the design and development of Open.ie. Open primarily operates within their clients workplaces through Open.ie. This is accessible through companies internal intranets, the website serving as the main point of contact with their target market.

Working with Open's in-house IT team, the website was designed and developed to meet the needs of both Open and their clients who would be allowing their employees access to the site through their corporate intranets. The content of each of these microsites is tailored to suit the clients needs.

Open.ie splash page


Print Design

In order to maximise visibility in external workplaces, a suite of eye-catching, colourful printed marketing collateral was designed to showcase Open's range of products. These were templated, with a fresh colourscheme applied to the same basic laflet design as Open diversify their service offering.

Compact, easy to use onsite promotional and display materials were designed for use by the sales teams.

Leaflet stand


Onsite sales collateral


The communications package includes a suite of co-branded marketing collateral designed for each of Open's clients, helping them to an ever increasing share of a highly competitive market. Open now operates in over 40 large organisations all over Ireland including Apple, Dublin City Council and Medtronic.

Co-branded marketing materials

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