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The Brief

Misean Cara (formerly the IMRS) are responsible for liaising with, and channeling funding to over 80 missionary groups around the world.

Prior to embarking on a new marketing campaign, they felt that their existing brand identity didn't effectively communicate who they are and what they do.

Old Misean Cara logo

Brand Audit

An extensive brand audit was carried out to see how the IMRS was perceived by it's stakeholders - the various missionary groups around the world. Allowing these member groups to establish the requirements for a new brand identity was viewed as crucial to the success of the re-branding exercise.

Based on the findings of this research, it was decided that that organisation needed to be renamed to make them seem less corporate and more identifiable. It was also noted that the organisation needed to be presented as the unified, collective face of the individual groups.

Missionary at work

Misean Cara photography

Renaming & Brand Design

After extensive research, and numerous suggestions, it was decided that the name 'misean cara' was a perfect fit for the organisation. This roughly translates from Gaelic as 'mission friend'. This emphasises the helping hand and friendship which misean cara extends to all it's member groups.

A new brand mark was developed based on the existing identity, retaining the core message while adding a human element in the form of a personified sail.

New Misean Cara logo

Brand Launch

The ex-minister of State, Liz O'Donnell launched the new brand to over 200 invited guests after the 2008 misean cara AGM in Croke Park.

Along with re-useable pull up stands, and environmental graphics, a clever launch invitation was designed that gave a sneak peek at the forthcoming new brand identity.

Launch invitation

Pull up stands

Brand launch animation

Print Design

The rollout of the misean cara brand identity has stretched across their entire suite of corporate communications, from stationery to annual publications, website and marketing campaigns.

Double O Design also designed an exhibition for mission cara and the Irish Missionary Union highlighting the work of missionaries in the field.

Corporate Stationery


Research paper

Irish Aid exhibition

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