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The Brief

After just one year in the marketplace, HWBC's brand already looked dated. Due to inconsistent use and a weak application of their brand values, their identity was working against them.

Our brief was to bring their image up to date by creating a new, consistent brand identity based on their existing visibility, that would cement their prominent position in the commercial property market.

Old HWBC logo

Brand Design

We designed a logo, around which the new brand identity was built. This includes the 7 dots icon that represents HWBC's 'full service' approach to commercial property - office, retail, development, investment, professional services, property management and marketing.

To ensure that the new brand identity would be used correctly by external contractors, we drew up comprehensive brand guidelines to document exactly how the new identity is to be applied across all communications materials.

New HWBC logo

Brand guidelines document

Internal Communications

To ensure that the new brand was used consistently, HWBC's 'internal' branding was the first thing to be redesigned. This included updating all stationery, presentations and environmental graphics in the HWBC offices. This was essential to spread brand awareness among the staff of HWBC and give them ownership of their new identity.

Corporate stationery

HWBC reception

External Communications

Once the directors and staff of HWBC were comfortable working with the new brand identity, all external marketing materials were refreshed and rolled out. This included the redesign of their signboards, brochureware, advertising templates, website and corporate reports.



Office market outlook 2009

Direct Marketing

We continue to work closely with HWBC, building on the new brand identity through numerous events and direct marketing campaigns. Since rebranding, they have won an ever increasing market share through key client awards, and high profile appointments, cemeting their position as an industry leader.

Taste of Dublin 'passport'

Brent Pope & George Hook MC

Golf day invitation

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